Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sleeping Igloos

I feel like sleeping all the time.  

More than I usually feel like sleeping all the time.  (Because I think every time is a good time for sleeping).

At first I thought that I was just tired from staying up late and getting up early.  And while this may be attributing to the problem, today the true source of my tiredness has manifested itself in my head.  I am getting sick.  My throat is all scratchy and sore and my head feels like Animal is inside playing away on his drums.  But don't worry, I have water and a great will to ignore this feeling for another two weeks or until it leaves.

Except not yesterday, Yesterday I was so tired.  When I woke up for work I promised myself that if I would get up and run to work then I could take a nap after class.

And boy did I ever take a nap.  At 1:30 I lied down on the couch and set my alarm for 2  "A good half hour nap will be good and then I can go to campus to do my homeworks."

But 2 came and I was still so exhausted I said "Ok an hour is a good nap."  But I didn't reset my alarm which means I didn't wake up until 5:30 when Shirley and Dayan came home.

Very unproductive day if you ask me, because then at 6 we watched Gilmore Girls and at 7 I went upstairs to get ready for bed.

Literally I could sleep for days.  Maybe I need more iron...

Well I read my scriptures and wrote in my journal so I didn't actually go to sleep until 10 so don't judge me too much.  I did the important things.  :)

Also I can cross "Build an Igloo" off my list.  And the world rejoiceth.

Well Matthew says what I did doesn't count, but I told him it was my list and I  say counts what and what doesn't.  I said "If I had time and clothes to go to snow I would build an igloo, but I don't."

Why does he think it doesn't count? you ask

Because it was tiny.  I built it for Eskimo birds that got lost in Utah.

It snowed this last weekend and I thought I had better build an igloo because hopefully this is the last snow we will get.  So walking to the ESC there was a pile of snow so I picked up a handful.  And then Matthew thought I was going to throw it at him but he was wrong.  Because then I put it on the ledge of the planter and started making my baby igloo.

I took a picture but I'm at school so I will post it later.

And if you're wondering where Meet My Friends Wednesday is, ask my little sister Madalynn or Tom because they both have survey's to fill out and send back.

Or you could be featured, just let me know if you would like to be.
Cheers~ Alicia


Renny said...

Are you a hipster? Sometimes I worry I might be a hipster. But to be a hipster, you have to only like something when nobody else does, and then once they do you hate it. Does that describe you?

If not, then you are not a hipster.

Docface said...

I think hipsters must be a little strange having that philosophy of liking things. Why can't they just like something because it is good no matter what anyone else thinks. I hope that neither one of you are hipsters.

Docface said...

Also, did you give yourself a mullet?