Saturday, April 16, 2011

Meet My SIster Saturday

Ugh I hate Alliteration.  But I realized that I lost track of what day it is and I didn't let you guys meet my sister Madalynn.  And she sent me her stuff two weeks ago.  Soooo because I love her soooo much I'm overlooking how much I do not like Alliteration and that it is not Wednesday and letting you meet my sister.

I met Madalynn when she was born.  I was 7, she was 0.  She was a very cute baby.  And toddler.  You know how every kid has one movie they love to watch over and over again all day for a year?  Well Madalynn loved to watch the Lion King.  And she would act out scenes from it when she wasn't watching it.  True story should pounce on us and tackle us to the ground and then choke us and say "So they can hear you."  Crazy the things kids can learn from movies.  Oh and when Madalynn was learning to walk she was a head banger.  She would go up to the back door and look out the window at our dog and start banging her head against the window.  And even sometimes if you were holding her she would try to bang her head on you.  Haha good times.  Oh and Madalynn always helped me when I wanted to make movies.  She and Jacob, the best one being Mad Dad, about a Mad Scientist (Jacob) who's daughter (Madalynn) accidentally drinks his potion and then whatever happens after that.  The best line was "Oh no, Somebody drank my potion."  Haha ok Anyways...Madalynn is going to be 16 this year and that is totally bogus.  I told her to stop growing so we'll see how obedient she is.

Here be Madalynn:

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona. Or I guess Maryvale, but not really.  (no Maddy you are from Phoenix, Maryvale is not a town or city it's an area)
Birthday: October 30, we used to throw Madalynn trick or treat birthday parties where the kids would go around to all the doors in our house and my siblings and I would be creepy people behind the doors to hand out candy.  It was fun
Major: Undecided, but it will be something awesome. (:
Hair: middle length... brown, light brown... bangs. I want to grow it out and dye it darker and stuff. Mostly so I can wear it in a pony tail.

Color(s): Green and blue, but the light ones that are almost neon, but definitely aren't.
Food: Asian.
Movie: hmmmmmmmm... undecided. But it's hilarious, whatever it is. Maybe The Count of Monte Cristo even, because that movie is intense. OH NO WAIT. Tin Man. All three. Most definitely.  sure but you won't even read the Wizard of Oz...
Book: The Hunger Games, or Lemon Tart.
Band: The Hush Sound. Or Cameleon Circuit.
Sculpture: The Thinking Man. Because he's the only one I can think of. I don't even know if that's what it's called... :/:/
Architecture: San Diego Temple. Saw it on a field trip. AMAZING. (:  Grr everyone gets to go to San Diego but me

Which Ninja Turtle would you be?: None. I'd be April.
What TV character would you like to be?: Amy Pond. Then I'd get to travel around with The Doctor and have red hair. (:  I hope some nerds read my blog so they know what you're talking about...haha
If you could visit any 2 historical dates they would be...:I don't even know! maybe... When the dinosaurs were destroyed. but then you would be destroyed with them...Aaaaaand Something to do with Vincent Van Gogh.  she gets liking his stuff from me because he's my favorite painter.
If you could date any celebrity it would be...: CHARLIE MCDONNELL.

Anything Else??
I love ART. Music, drawing, writing, theatrics, the whole works. I go to dances every Saturday. I don't like it when people touch me,it's a family thing, except maybe my mom but I can touch people. I have a pet chicken named Rose. (:

Ah so now you have met ma petite soeur Madalynn.  Be carefull or her chicken will peck your eyes out.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Rose is kind of Jacob's because he named it, but Maddy still takes care of her mostly and she was fro her science project. And, Maddy says to tell you that she is not a nerd.:)

Love, Mom

Renny said...

I know what that is from because Madalynn talks about that TV show ALL THE TIME. Its Dr. Who. She is pretty much obsessed with it.

Also, Madalynn, mom and dad don't even live in the Maryvale area. Headshake that you would even say that. It is like you don't even know your own city.

You are from Phoenix. You are just from Phoenix okay?

Renny said...

Additionally, Alicia, I have not been to San Diego either.

We should go there together, without anyone else.

Anonymous said...

On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it.