Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Journal Entry #2 I Bleed Blue

Proof that I have always loved and will always love BYU.  What can I say I am true Blue through and through.  What can you expect from a girl who owns a BYU Barbie!?

" 1/1/97
Dear Journal (I got the J right this time)
This mornig I wocke up at 6:00 and I fell a sleep at 12:01  I thaut was cooll becuas I thaut I wacke up at 8:12.  Do you now why I thaut that
?, be-cuas ushly when you stay up late you wake up late.  Later in the after noon BYU won and can you beleave it Tyler put taw thunbs  thumbs down and he cep saying he wanted to go to the schooll.  Ps. It was in N.F.L..  And then we had a big dinner.  And then Gary came.  And then Lindsey got her own dairy and I told mom that she already has a dairy and then mom yeld at me. buy
I'm sorry for not writeing.

At least I made sure I spelled 'thumbs' correctly.

Lindsey got a DIARY not a DAIRY.  Though I wish she did get a dairy...except the poo water part.


Renny said...


Everyone knows that it is really best to have two dairies instead of one.

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