Friday, September 30, 2011

2 Fer and a Journal Entry

So I know I already posted today, but I'm feeling a bit nostalgic (thank heavens for spell checker) and I know how much you love to read my journal entries from my childhood.  

I drew this picture of could be better I guess but this is the kind of thing I do in my journals.

Well actually I'm only assuming you do because you like hilarious things.


Here it goes


Hi J,
Today I woke up and ate 
pankaks they were good
Then I went to schooll 
and did some      work after 
lunch Me and Steph     went to 
prock projekt.  I We 
finishit our colums, dut 
I steell had to finsih 
finishit patieying  .   We mist
libery   becaus    we   your
jujing  some Greek and 
Roman things.  Then I went
home and did the usudol 
things I do.    I can't 
think of enthing elss
to write.  Buy  PS Sorry


So there you have it.  If you can understand over half of this you are amazing.  I understand for a few reasons, I wrote it, and I remember that day.  I remember because I did a really ornate column and I didn't ever get to finish it and it was sad.  

Also you can see I had a problem pronouncing Library.   Perhaps we should stop telling kids to sound things out if they can't pronounce things clearly.

And I defs have always had a problem with spelling.  Oh Grade school you were so good to me.  I miss the easiness of my young years.  

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Anonymous said...

And you were in project! Also, I blame your mispronunciation of library on Mr. Reed who always said "Liberry" when he gave announcements!
Love Mom