Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good Thoughts

So I have some good things I want to share with you guys.

I had what I'd like to call an Abraham moment today. I wasn't told to sacrifice my son but I think it was about obedience. And a thought came to my head and it was like "Alicia, you know sometimes it's not about what will or will not happen if you don't follow the Spirit, sometimes it's just about obedience." And what I think it means is that I need to listen more carefully to promptings and be obedient to them without worrying about why. Nike that's all. (well if you don't get the whole NIKE thing it's in reference to their slogan "Just do it")

I guess you're wondering about the story. Well ok I will tell you. I work as a custodian on campus very early in the morning (from 4-8am). At work we get a key, a master key to the entire building. Doors that you would need a code to get into , I can just unlock and go right in. It's a pretty huge responsibility if you think about it. That's a lot of trust they put in our hands.
SO yeah, they keys are on chains with a key ring on both ends so you can attach it to a belt loop and you won't lose it. Which is what I usually do, but this morning I was wearing sweats and they didn't have pockets or belt loops, so I just would hold it in my hand or put in a pocket on the trashcan bag. I had to take the trash out 2 times today and when I would go I thought I would put the key in the pocket of the trashcan bag.
But I had this thought that I should hold the key on my person. And so basically I questioned why I should do that. And then I realized it didn't matter did it. Like right I don't know what's going to happen or if anything will happen at all I should just do it because God does know. So yeah that's that story. I thought it was cool

And I'd also like to say that I believe in the power of prayer! I love it!!!


Bekah said...

Alright alright! I love this blog. Great work. I have been learning the same thing. It's kind of a freeing sensation when you really do just go with whatever you feel prompted to do, but sometimes it scares me too. I am glad you are so awesome :-)

Allan said...

You know there is a great talk given by Elder Bednar at the MTC a year ago that talks about that exactly. "When do I know if it's God or if it's just me?" All he said is, "Don't worry about it! As long as your being a good boy/girl, keeping the commandments and honoring your covenants you shouldn't worry about it." It's so true! Cool blog.