Saturday, October 30, 2010


Lindsey I'm sorry your post is a day late, I was busy since 4:38 yesterday morning. But I did text you a lot to tell you about Happy Birthday so that means I was thinking of you.

Anyways... I have an older sister named Lindsey. She is the best ol
der sister ever (even besides me I'm the second best older sister. She always takes care of me and we laugh together a lot. That's because we are both so hilarious, but especially Lindsey. She's very quick witted.

Ever since I was little I always copied Lindsey and would follow her around. That must have been super annoying, so I'm sorry. I took all the same classes Lindsey did in high school except choir because she's got the voice not me. Haha.

Here's a list of why Lindsey is the best:
  • She would always pretend to be my dog when we played house type games
  • she wouldn't let our older brothers pick on me...most of the time
  • If some one told her they didn't like me she would defend me, even if we had just been in a fight (yes this actually happened) (probably more than once)
  • She would let me come over all the time my first summer in Utah and stay with her.
  • She would always make me food too.
  • She's awesome HELLOOO Just talk to her for like 5 seconds and that's totally apparent
  • She made me live in P5 where I got to meet Shirley on of the best roommates of all time.
  • She is in Law School. I know you're jealous that my sister is smarter than yours.
  • the moooooooooon (bahaha)
Oh there's so much more. But you'll just have to believe me that Lindsey is the best. And I love her vair vair mucho.

Also I always thought it was awesome that Lindsey and I had our birthday's the same month. Actually I rememebr when I was very young and I could never remember what day my birthday was so I would always ask Lindsey. I always thought my birthday was closer to hers than it really is but that's just a funny story.
I think I've already told the story about how we got beat up by the girls at the ice cream truck, so I won't tell it again. But it's a funny one.

Anyways we've had so many good times together I wish I could relay them all here but I can't. I'll just end by saying... "You got a blimp with you right now. Sasquatch"


Renny said...

I always thought the ice cream truck story was more terrifying...
Thanks! The part about the moon made me laugh out loud for a whole minute.
"Lindsey stop it!!!"
Remember laughing for like half an hour back and forth?
I love you so much! I'm the only one allowed to be mean to you!

Renny said...

P.S. I want you to come home for Christmas so we can make pizz.

Ace Rey said...

I already make piss on a daily basis. Why do you two need to do it together? That's gross.