Saturday, October 30, 2010


Madalynn, today is your day of birth. YAY Happy Birthday now stop growing. There's no way you can be 15 already. I still think of you as a 7 year old.

You are so awesome the best little sister ever! You have become so funny and smart and knowledgeable. It amazes me how much you know. It's only because I still think of you as 7 not because I don't think you can know things.

I remember when you were a baby and you would tackle us and choke us and say "So they can hear you." Haha it was so cute, funny, and life threatening. But mostly cute and funny.

I love how you can make so many friends and everyone loves you! It's because you are awesome!!

You're also so beautiful. I've never told you this but I was always jealous of your nose. It's a very cute nose and suits your face nicely.

I'm so proud of you and how much you are able to do and how much you have accomplished. I love that you're so loving. And that you have a strong testimony of the Gospel. You are an inspiration to me and bring me hope for the future. Thanks for being a good example.

I love you!!!


Anonymous said...

You also have a cute nose. It is like dad's!

Madalynn said...

Thank you Alicia (:
I thought it was funny though because I always liked your nose. xD