Sunday, October 3, 2010

Realizing What You Already Know

So do ever have those moments where you realize something and it's just so awesome to you! But you then realize you knew that all along you just didn't have it hit home for you until that moment. ?? I feel like I have those constantly during conference time. It's like "Duh Alicia it's so simple and amazing!" or "Of course! If you love Jesus keep his commandments! SO simple!"

I actually had one of those moments on my way to class the other day. I don't know why I was thinking of this but I was. So I thought about how grateful I am for the
Atonement because with out it i would be utterly hopeless. I'd have no hope that I could live with my family for eternity, and no hope to see my Heavenly Father's smiling face. But we do have the Atonement and I'm so happy for it. It gives me hope by allowing me to repent and correct my course through life. It helps me to live through trials. Knowing that our Savior has born our griefs and sorrows is a great comfort. We can pray and be comforted during times of confusion and hurt. And it is such a great thing to know that and be able to feel it everyday. It brings me hope for my future and the futures of my kids (which I don't have but will someday). It Let's me be a happy person over all. (because I still have momentary bouts of sadness or anger)

I am so happy for the
Hope and Joy that my faith brings me! Yay!


kelzone said...

to your first paragraph alls i've got to say is elder uchtdorfs talk on saturday!

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Ace Rey said...

I must be wicked because I don't just walk around thinking about the Atonement. Or maybe it's cuz you're in Utah...