Monday, October 11, 2010

Pie Shakes and Pizza and Karaoke "OH MY!"

My birthday party was fun. We didn't end up eating sushi because it is expensive. But you already knew that. Instead we had pizza and pie shakes. Here's how you make a pie shake. Take a piece of pie and put it in a milkshake in the blender. I would make it a vanilla milkshake but to each his own. We made pumpkin pie shakes and they were delicious. Pizza is also very good. Yum.
Um there was a bit of drama at my party because well, we almost ran out of pizza but it turned out to be just enough.
I'm very glad my friends could make it. and very sad that some couldn't. And super sad that none of my family could come. :C <--- baby frowny face or the Bolton chin whichever you prefer.
Then we went to karaoke at Guru's and it was fun. I like karaoking. This is because I can act all crazy and it's ok.

On my birthday we watched Newsies. It is a great Disney movie that teaches you to Seize the Day. It has a young Christian Bale in it. He already acts like Batman in Newsies. We is Shirley, Jenny, Adrienne, Tim and I. It was a nice little get together. And I made a chocolate cake without frosting because I don't like frosting. Well actually Shirley made it, well I put the water in. :) And Jenny and Adrienne made me cherry chip cupcakes with Almond flavored frosting on top and it was delicious! Yum. If you don't know Tim is my co-program director at the Y-Serve office. Except he might stop doing it. But we are friends so it's ok we can still hang out de temps en temps.

I really want a shower. So I'm going to go. I wish you all could have been at my party. IF you weren't there and you were not doing anything on Sat night...I'm sorry we missed your presence.
Love always, Me


kelzone said...

guess what? i stopped by your place totally forgetting you guys were going to guru's, and it was late.
sad face.
i'm glad you had fun anyway and i'm so stoked to see you this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have been at the Karaoke party!
love, mom