Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Toilet Does NOT Equal Floor

So I work at the city library as a page.  That means I put books away and sort them.

Woah you guys I thought I posted this ages ago... dang

Ok so once one of my fellow pages picked a movie off the ground a lot of liquid fell out of it and then we noticed a huge wet spot on the carpet.

"Dang," I said, "I hope that's not pee."

we laugh and discuss how it smells kind of funny over there, but we don't really think it is urine because there is a water bottle on the table next to the spot and the liquid was pretty clear.  Plus I actually didn't smell anything.

But that's when they come, the mom and her boy about 2 years old.  They have a squirt bottle and a sponge.  They start cleaning at the spot.

"It's my turn mom it's my turn,"  The little boy wearing just a shirt and a diaper wants to squirt the bottle.

"You can do the sponge," says mom, who wears all the proper clothing a grown woman should.

After a minute of scrubbing the boy starts crying, " No mom it's your turn I don't want to do it! No No No your turn."

"I know it's hard when you pee on the floor and have to clean it up."

My fellow pages and I start snickering to each other, but really we're standing in the bookshelves trying not to burst out laughing.  I mean I hear people say a lot of funny things in the library but this is the best story ever.

The boy continues crying "No mom you do it you do it!  No No!!"

"Tell you what, next time I pee on the floor, I'll clean it up."

Good thing when you work in a library you learn how to laugh really silently, because I swear not a one of us were not laughing.

I commented to my coworkers later about how well hydrated the boy was...

peed on but a great movie
Moral of this story (well there's 2 actually): When you pee on the floor you have to clean it up. Don't check out Jumanji (the film) from the Provo Library.  

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