Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ghetto Caucasian Mormon Writer

So Peeps, I have to do this cultural diorama thing for my Multi-Cultural Education class.  Yes in case you didn't know I'm going to school to become a teacher.  A Science teacher.  Because as Bill Nye Says... Science Rules!

Ah Yeah!

SO Anyways this is my cultural diorama, we had to choose 3 things that represented us culturally (Background, traditions, and daily activities).  This is what I chose.  ps I'm summing up the script in 3 words under the pics if you don't want to read it all.

Journals: Free Expression, Write Everyday, Honest
My journals:  Most of these have writing in them.  I'm not sure if this represents my traditions or daily activities but it is probably both.  Writing is such a big part of me and my family I think.  More than half of my family has a blog, and most of us keep journals.  So it's not the research paper writing, but it's a way to express ourselves.  I love it because I can express myself better through the written word than I can the spoken language.  I do not find myself to be articulate or long-winded,     I'd prefer to sit there and listen to other people talk    but I love to write in my journal everyday and                                                                                   update my blog.  In my written word I feel like I am most honest.

Medallion: Values I Value, Hard work, Daily/Future goals
  My Young Women's Medallion(don't know what this is Go Here)  This defs represents my traditions.  I worked throughout my youth to receive this medallion, projects and other things that meant a lot to me.  It still means a lot to me and serves as a reminder of what I stand for Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Choice & Accountability, Good Works, Integrity and now Virtue.  Sorry that sounded weird, I have always believed in and stood for virtue, it just wasn't a value for Personal Progress when I was in Young Women's.  Everyday I still strive to keep these values, and I defs fall short a
lot but I think that's ok I mess up but I can always
dust myself off and get back up.

Sweatshirt: Home, Family, Ugly
My Tazmanian Devil Phoenix Suns Sweatshirt  Oh man if y'all only knew how much I love this thing.  My brother's got this in 1994 when they went to a basketball day camp thing.  They got to meet all the best players the Phoenix Suns ever had: Danny Ainge, Charles Barkley.  Probably my mom will comment and tell me that they didn't meet them but I want to think they did because they were the best.  Anywho, I am from Phoenix, Az.  I grew up in not the nicest neighborhoods (think gang fights in backyard, drug dealers next door, drug addicts in the park and people getting stabbed/shot).  It's cool, I loved my childhood, and my family.  Whenever I wear this sweatshirt I think of my childhood, my family and all the great things that have happened to me.  I love to tell people the story of this sweatshirt, as if somehow they can get to know me better through it.  I love this sweatshirt because of the great things I associate with it, but it doesn't fit me well, and it's kind of ugly.  That's how I would describe my feelings for Phoenix; It doesn't fit me well and 
it's ugly but the  most important things (read: people) in the world that I love are there.  

(That's my family in case you are wondering, not the cactus)

Ok that was a lot of writing... I should sum this up better in a few words for every picture...I have made these words the picture captions but here they be in an easier to read format.

JournalsWrite Everyday
                   Free Expression

That was a free-form style poem because y'all know how great I am at poetry...chhh

Medallion: Values I Value
                  Hard Work
                 Daily/Future Goals

Sweatshirt:               Home   
                  Comfy but Ugly
Moral of this post: You've got to BEEEEE yourself. (10,000 points who can name that movie).


Renny said...


And the lat part where you wrote
Sweatshirt: Home, Family, Comfy but Ugly.

That sounded like you called us ugly. :P

kristinanne said...

Ha! Danny Ainge is pretty dang awesome! :)

The Petersons said...

Dang you Lindsey. I wanted the cool points!

Anonymous said...

I think they met Frank Johnson and I can't remember who else, so you can believe it was Danny Ainge and Charles Barkley if you want to. Love Mom. PS Our family is not ugly, but Phoenix has ugly parts.

Anonymous said...

the bee movie. robert loves that movie. and i get the comfy but ugly.

Anonymous said...

that last comment was from aunt ada btw, i want to make sure i get my points