Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I just wrote a paper about how Martians could have existed.  But don't worry they were only microbes.  Definitely they won't be coming to attack us anytime soon.
   Mars Attacks is a hilarious movie.  I think that if you don't like country music you will like that movie.  And if you do like country music you will like that movie.
One thing though that always bothered me about it is that Michael J Fox dies.  That always made me sad because he's one of my favorites.

So I guess I was in a bad mood yesterday.  If you couldn't tell.  But I'm pretty over it now.  I just continued to listen to Mumford and Sons and realized how awesome their lyrics are.  Well I already knew but they're lyrics are mostly uplifting to me and calming.  Except Little Lion Man, because they drop the F-bomb in that one.  So I don't endorse that song.  I do endorse everything else I've listened to.  Probably mostly because I love the banjo. and his voice it's so gritty but melodic.  If that even makes sense.

Well folks I wrote a paper, which means I stayed up all night and didn't get to shower yet.  Right so I'm going to go shower now so I don't feel like a hotdog anymore.  Pretty gross description, but ever since I was little I have felt like a hotdog whenever I feel gross like I need a shower.  An uncooked hotdog.  Anyways, you get the point. 


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K said...

I had a discussion with another student we both know over whether the f-bomb counts if it is said with an english accent. I love that some. except that one bitsy word!