Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Meet My Friends Wednesdays

I'm bringing back Meet My Friends Wednesdays. I did this twice last year. You can look at those posts here and here. But now I think I shall do it more frequently.

Next week I will highlight Tom (best friends)! but this week I'm am highlighting....

so I look kind of crazy in this picture but whatever.

He is Shirley's brother. We met around Christmas time 2009. I was waiting for my ride to take me back to Phoenix. Allan was sitting there on our couch. It was a very awkward encounter. Neither of us talked much. And then I hit my head on the railing of the stairs. Don't worry we are great friends now. I just don't make great first impressions. haha.

So This post is so you can meet my friend Allan.

Basically I sent him this questioner and he sent it back filled out. Here is what he wrote.

First of all the Basics

Hometown: Azusa, CA
Birthday: July, 23 1988 or October 10, 2007 (which ever you want to use) (yeah we kind of have the same birthday because Allan went into the MTC on my birthday. It counts)
Major: Linguistics
Hair: Allan didn't know what I was asking here. His hair is wavy and black.

Color: Green
Food: Pizza!!! All kinds!!! I love pizza (to be friends with me you must like pizza)
Movie: Finding Nemo or the Bourne Identity Series
Book: Fox in Sox... maybe... I don't read much.
Band: Aventura (does that count? it's bachata)
Sculpture: Ether 12:12. Miracles exist but you must show faith first. Allan wrote this and I was like hmmm Scripture is good too, but this says sculpture so he wrote me back and said... hahah sculpture... probably the one shirl and I made for sina's birthday once. It really isn't a sculpture but more of a clay plaque. Shirl wrote happy birthday and drew balloons into the clay and we put our handprints on it. We were young and poor hahah. Good times.
Architecture: uhm.... San Diego Temple

Other Random Questions

What would you do if you woke up from a coma to find the world in a zombie/velociraptor apocalypse?
Probably go find Shirl... and go out to eat or something at Gallo Giro or Red Robin (endless fries!!!!)) (I'm not going to ask this question any more...no body takes it very seriously...they'll be sorry when the Zombies and Raptors come)

Which Ninja Turtle would you be?
Probably Michealangelo. I feel like he has always been easy going like me. I remember once when I was a kid I was watching ninja turles on tv before we had to drop shirl off at kindergarten and so I turned off the tv thinking it would pause the show and when we got back I turned the tv on with the greatest disappointment that the tv didn't pause the show for me... it was on probably Sally or Jenny Jones. Ehhh talk shows. (Oh Al that's funny it's like the first time you ever used a tv or something. Haha Also I loved to watch Sally when I was younger)

What TV character would you like to be?
Probably, zac morris... hahah i know funny but he was the cool guy who always got out of getting into trouble. Kelly kapouski was his gf and idk he just seemed cool. I once went to acting school for a day and then the teacher said I had a weird voice and I never went back. That was the end of my acting career.

If you could date any celebrity it would be...
Beyonce or maybe Katy Perry (really? weird I don't see it) but I think they're both married so I think I'll go with... actually I don't know... maybe shakira?

If you could visit any historical dates which would you visit?

Probably the birth of Jesus Christ it seems to have been a really cool experience. and probably the first plane ride with the wright bros... it seems to have changed the world. Actually now that i read my historical date one, it's probably more appropriate to say that the birth of jesus christ changed the world and the the first flight was a cool experience... what was i thinking?

anything else:
I speak 3 languages fluently, I speak and 4 languages not fluently but more than just a few phrases.
I love swimming in the ocean. someone at FHE asked if I would like to live on an island for a long period of time. and I said I would. she said she could picture me doing it because I seem like an island guy... idk what that means... but cool! I love love love the Caribbean and I love traveling. (that is probably what she means Al) I would love the travel the world someday.
In the name of... hahah jk jk I think that's it.

Ah so there you have Allan, although meeting him in person is better.
Stay tuned to learn about Tom next week!!

Oh you want to participate in MMFW? Well you can! Just let me know that you want to do it.


alirara said...

Just FYI things in italics and parenthesis are my side comments.

Renny said...

If you asked ME the velociraptor question you'd get a serious answer.

Just sayin'.

I also love filling out questionnaires.

Just sayin'.

Renny said...

Oh and I like Allan.

I like to make him feel uncomfortable.

It's funny.

Jenna said...

Allan did you know that a velociraptor says your name in a plane in Jurassic Park 3? It's true I'm not crazy. It goes......."ALLAN!" with a growl in it's voice. Next time you see me just ask.

Allan said...

Ohhh jenna you're so naive...

Shirls said...

Too good and very funny. I cracked up a lot. PS don't people get food on MMFW?...just saying =)