Monday, February 7, 2011

Riding the Elevator and Other Things

As an update to my last post: After turning in my test I should have gone to the computer lab to work on my Sed/Strat paper, or my biology homework, or my lesson plan for my education class, or go home and do my Geophysics. But I in fact did none of those things. I felt like it was one of those days where you just feel so defeated you don't want to do anything...except be alone at a store shopping.

Not even to buy anything just to look at everything.

Anyways I can explain my affinity for shopping in another post. This post is for Matt because he told me I should blog about this. So Matthew I will do my best to give this experience the justice it deserves.

I hope that sentence made sense.

On Saturday is when Matt and I do our reading for Sed/Strat (yes the epic fail test class). We usually meet on campus some time in the morning in a room we like to call the Room of Requirement. It's just a classroom really but when people who love Harry Potter are getting together what do you expect?

And if you don't know what the Room of Requirement is referencing to in Harry Potter ....FOR SHAME! You need to turn your back on your uncultured ways and read Harry Potter or at least watch the movies. They really are quite amazing books. And the movies are alright too.

Anyways, it's usually just the two of us, because really what kind of nerd do you have to be to come to school on a Sat when you don't have a huge homework assignment do the next week? The nerdiest. But this last Sat upon entering the ROR, I found a plethora of people working on Petrology and eating pizza. Cool. A lot of them were my friends so that was nice.

But this means probably reading out loud the book wasn't going to work so well in this environment. Mostly because we already have a pretty bad time staying on task. We like to talk about things and then just sitting there for so long gets pretty boring so there's music played...and sometimes, well actually just once, someone dances. So you can see how having a room full of friends and pizza would not be so conducive to studying.

But dang, there's another problem, all the other classrooms are locked. WHA?! I know it never made sense to me either to lock all the classrooms but whatever. At first we didn't know where to go. and then Matt says "We should study on the elevator."

I thought "Um I'm pretty sure we can't do that." and then I think I said that. And he said "why not?" and I was like "really?" and he said "yes."
So we got on the elevator. and sat down took out our books and things. I pushed the button so we could go to the 4th floor. I don't know why since we were in a movable room and anytime someone wanted to get on the elevator from a lower level it would go. But I just felt more comfortable sitting in the elevator on the 4th floor.

Then Matt said "You should blog about this." and I said "Well maybe I will"

And then Matt said "I need a desk." and I said "Wow we only have to read two pages!"
And Matt said"There's a desk on the other side we should put it in the elevator on that side!" and I said "No" and he said "Yes come on let's do it." And so we went to the third floor.

When we got there I had to gather up all my stuff. And I had a lot of stuff. and
I'm a slow person.

So anyways Matt is holding the door of the elevator open. It keeps trying to close and then opening because he is there. And then we here this beeping noise and it's awful and the door starts closing and it won't open again and good thing Matt jumped out of the door because it would have smooshed him. And I started to panic. "No no I can't be stuck in the elevator. Ahh I'm going to die!" A whole probably three seconds passed and I knew that was the end of me. I would never see my family again and hopefully I would get cell reception in the elevator so I could call everyone and tell them goodbye before I ran out of oxygen and suffocated to death.

And then I pushed the 3 button and the door opened again and Matt said "That was weird. Good thing I got out of the way of the door." I said "I thought I was going to be stuck in there."

I'm not sure how much time has past since we left to read. But remember we only have to read two pages for the entire week for this class. Do you see why it takes us a long time to get this reading done?

So we go around to the other side, and sad day for Matt, the desk is gone. This leads to us just studying on this elevator. There were scales in there for a Physics class and the elevator smelled a bit like skunk. But oh well we just sat down and started reading.

While reading and going over our reading guides, three people got on the elevator. These were mostly uneventful encounters except for the last girl. Except I didn't really know it was an event until after she got off.

Right before she got on Matt said "My legs are falling asleep." So I began to move all my things so he could not have sleepy legs. And then just as the girl was getting on I was moving to the other side of the elevator. Apparently the girl made a face like she was scandalized. I suppose it didn't help that I talked to her and asked her questions for her whole ride. I guess it made it seem like I was trying to hide something.

Oh well, At least that girl had a cool story to tell her roommates when she got home. Also she was a freshman so "welcome to college."

And then we were done. Which was good because I was starting to feel nauseous.

There isn't really a moral to this story except: Always give the freshman something to tell their roommates, it doesn't even have to be a real story..., and Reading in an elevator will give you the same feeling as carsickness.


Bekah said...

I wish I had something even remotely as awesome as that to write here...but I don't. Alas, more power to you :-)

Allan said...

Alicia, I'm following your blog now. I think you should mention me sometime in it. but make it something cool

Renny said...

I am following you and you are not following me. Not cool Alicia. Not cool at all.

alirara said...

i'm pretty sure I was. All your posts come up on my reader.