Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Meet My Sister Wednesday

Yes today you will be meeting my older sister Lindsey.  I've known her my whole life.  She's awesome!!  I don't rememebr when I met her because I was only a baby.  
When we were younger Lindsey and I would play lots of fun games like Stephanie, and she would pretend to be my dog sometimes.  Which now that I think about it is rude of me because we had a real dog. RIP Misty.
Together Lindsey and I are unstoppably hilarious.  
You got a blimp wit choo right now.  Sasquatch.

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Birthday: October 29
Major: Undergraduate degree was a Bachelor of Arts in History, and right now I am in law school, studyin' to get my Juris Doctorate
Hair: yep, I have it j/k j/k it's naturally blond but I dye it dark brown with red tints.


Color: Turquoise (best color ever!)
Food: I love me some cheese, pumpkin, and chocolate, especially if they're all together. I also love Italian food, mostly cause of the cheese.
Movie: Well I pretty much always say "The Princess Bride" but I don't know if that is true. I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOVE that movie, it's just that I love so many movies that I don't know if I can ever truly pinpoint a favorite.
Book: In the 4th grade I read Little Women eight times in one month, so that is probably my classic favorite. I do love Harry Potter, LOTR and the Hobbit though (did you know I was a science fiction nerd? Because I didn't, until recently...) Mmmm, books.
Band: Anberlin, and mae.  (probably Lindsey likes mae because it's my middle name)
Sculpture: I don't know that is hard. I've always like Rodin's The Thinker. He reminds me of me. Someone who often would rather just be by himself (or me by myself) thinking, but then feeling a little bit lonely because of it.
Architecture: I like old churches and cathedrals. It's amazing the intricate details they put into their work back in the day. I also like windmills.

Zombie apocalypse: First I'd shave my beard (because this question makes me think of Rip Van Winkle) Then I'd pull out my warrior armor from under my bed, and strap on my laser gun and my combat boots and I'd go fight zombies and velociraptors a la Will Smith (because he gets it done, ya know?) (Thank you This is how this question should be answered people)!

Ninja Turtle: Donatello. Totally.

TV character: Mary Richards. I always wanted to move to Minneapolis and live in my own apartment and be an associate news producer because she made it look so awesome.

dating celebrity: Zachary Levi. I certainly have a major crush on him and his gorgeous self. Plus he is really religious and he seems to have a good light about him ya know, which makes me think he is a good person, which seems rare with famous people. I also get crushes on music people that are less famous, like Dave Elkins and Stephen Christian, but they're always married, which is lame. For me.

2 Historical dates: When the Berlin Wall fell (because I was too little to think it was important at the time anyway, so I want to be there as a full fledged adult) and... I just don't know! I feel like most historical things are not just one event, but a long continuous trend in history, or I'll seem morbid if I say them because they're kind of depressing. Like the roaring 20s would be interesting, or I want to go to Alexander the Great's library, or live in Confucian China, but those are all long time spans, not just historical moment in time. :-/

Oh and the Anything else: I like benches. A lot. Maybe that is my favorite architecture? Hmmm.
(weird benches? I mean they are great for sitting but ok whatev')
I'm obsessed with music.

I also think juice boxes are the greatest thing ever.

I'm the funniest person ever(except for me)

The end. 

and you're probably wondering about meeting Tom.  Probably most likely one day he will send me back the survey and you can meet him.  But he has not done so yet.  He wants me to just make up answers but I refuse.  IF you'd like to be featured in a MMFW just comment and let me know.  I'll send you the survey.


Anonymous said...

Your sister sounds really awesome.
Benches are cool.

kewwi said...

I would like to be featured. Am I your friend? I could definitely pretend like I am kelli, or just send her the survey.

Renny said...

Oh Alicia, you know I'm funnier than you. :)

Allan said...

I hate your sister!!! bahaha jk jk she's awesome! So I was wondering... could your friend Jorge be featured in MMFW?

Mallory said...

Well since you already did one on a family member I feel like it would be totally acceptable to do one on an extended family member...meaning ME! (your favorite cousin) ;)