Friday, February 4, 2011

Death in the Hospital Cafeteria

And it wasn't the food.

Actually the food is what brought us there. It's tasty and really well priced.

No what killed us what this beast of a test for sedimentology and stratigraphy.

See my friend Matthew and I have been quite diligent in our reading and homework for this class. It's very good. Also we go to class and lab and do our homeworks; basically everything you should be doing.

An although we aren't the most efficient at getting all of this done, it gets done.

Now our teacher had been telling us for a couple weeks that this test is really hard. That in the past a lot of kids have done really poorly on it. I was really determined not to do so bad. I really, really, really, really, really, really, oh and did I mention really wanted an A on this test.

This class is a weird challenge I have posed to myself to prove that I'm not hopeless at Geology. That I can do well and will be able to teach this stuff. It's weird.

But let me tell you what. This was a take home test. You could study as long as you wanted but once you started the Beast, it was no notes, no book, no help and you had to finish it in one sitting. It wasn't timed but you had to do it that way.

So, Matthew and I studied. We realized there was a lot more stuff than we remembered. And we were way more efficient in our studying than usual. We eventually went to the Hospital Cafeteria (aka Cafe West) in Provo because he was starving. We studied a little more there. And then at around 10:45 we started. He moved to another table so we weren't cheating ok. Geez stop judging us.

Oh my goodness. What a BEAST. Man. Actually the first half of the test I felt pretty ok with. I couldn't exactly explain everything, and actually I think I wrote that out of frustration on my paper. But I did pretty well I thought.

But oh it was like playing Super Mario Bros trying to beat the boss at the end of the level. The second half of that test was ridiculous (I think I may have mentioned that it was beastly). I did the first part of the test 4 times before I thought I got it right. and then moved on. I couldn't understand how to do the next question. I moved on. The third question was tricky but then I got it. It was like a light shining all of the sudden on my brain. Well hopefully anyways. And I think I did the rest of the questions well enough to at least get half the points. But man.

I didn't slay the Beast. At most I maimed it so it'll be out of commission for a couple of days. But it's gaining strength again to terrify the Sed/Strat students of next Winter.

After we finished at 2:00am (right 2 am 2 hours before I have to head off to work) we sealed away our tests so we could turn them in by 5pm today.

And then I realized I totally messed up the first problem of the second half because there are 1000m in a km and not 100.

I died in the hospital Cafeteria. The Beast has slayed me and all I managed to do was hurt him.


Moral of the story: ALWAYS... no NEVER go outside in a blizzard. (JK but what movie is that from?) ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS check your units on a test and use KHDMdcm to move your decimal points...ALWAYS!


Anonymous said...

I just watched that movie with Kyle and Shyanne AGAIN today! And I thought that I should say that line to you and Lindsey. You beat me to it! Love, Mom

Renny said...

Mike Wizowski!

I told Kathy that line the other day. Apparently she doesn't watch Monsters, Inc. as religiously as some people so she did not remember it. I also don't think she thought it was as funny as we think it is, which is really too bad, because, it's funny.