Thursday, February 24, 2011

This Weird Dream and Hope

So first I'll tell you about my weird dream I had today.

See after class I had like 3 hours till my next class, so I decided to go home and make myself some tilapia and do my homework.  
My fish was good, I grilled it on the George Foreman and it only took like 3 min to cook.  So that was awesome. It probably could have stayed on longer but I wanted to eat it.

Anyways, I then went upstairs to sit on my bed and read.  

I love my bed, it's the most comfy bed that ever existed.  And it should be I have like 6 pillows I think, 1 Fuzzy Wuzzy bear, and my cabbage patch doll, Rudy, plus my comforter, fur blanket, and to top it off beneath my nice cotton sheets I have 3 mattress pads.  Yes 3 and they are so comfy I love to sleep in my bed.

Anyways so I'm all nice and comfy in my bed, even wearing my jammies bottoms to be most comfortable.  And I start reading.  And then I quickly fell asleep.

Maybe deep in my mind I knew that I would really rather have a nap than do my homework seeing as how I haven't really had that great of sleep this week (but I have not missed a single day of work mind you).  I thought well if I sleep through my class I can just go to the one tomorrow right.  Although I know I can't because I have a class at that time.  
My mind is strange when I'm tired.  

But anyways I had this really strange dream.  First I was with my family in this weird huge "house."  Except if you couldn't tell by the quotes, it wasn't really a house, it was just this ginormous white room thing.  And Tracy was there, she is a family friend and I used to babysit her kids.  Anyways,  She made this replicas of the planets but I kept knocking them over and ruining them.  I felt really bad.  Finally I did do something right and she invited me to go shopping and out to lunch with her.  And I said I would love to go but I had to go out with Tim and Shirley first to this place.

So Shirley, Tim, and I take the bus to this place.  I don't even know where it is or anything like why we were there because time kind of jumps and it's time to leave.  Tim and I are looking at this painting maybe, and I was like we better go so we can catch the bus.  And I follow Shirley out and she gets on the bus but as I'm getting on the bus starts speeding away.  

This is like really fast speeding because I start to fly backwards behind the bus and I'm only holding onto the door to keep from dieing.  But unfortunately the bus decides to do a U-turn at unusually high speeds, and I keep thinking I can't miss this bus because I am going to be late.  Anyways so the bus does this U-turn and I start flying out you know like on those rides where it spins in a circle and you are forced too the outside edge of your seat.  Yes the laws of Physics still work in my dreams.  
But after the U-turn the bus starts to slow down suddenly but I having all this inertia keep going.  And sadly I'm only holding onto the rubber part of the door which rips easily off the door and I start flying soon to crash into the pavement.

And then I was like "Ooh!" and that woke myself up.

Epic dream.  Oh and then I checked my clock and it was 8 after 3.  So I quickly did my assignment and went to class.  

Good job for me.

Next I will tell you about Hope.  One of my favoritest talks ever is by President Uchtdorf called The Infinite Power of Hope.  It's so awesome and i think you all should read it.

When I was younger it was really easy for me to be unhappy and discouraged.  Probably because that is just easy for anyone I think.  It's easy to see only the bad and depressing.  But when i came to college I didn't want to be that girl that was a downer all the time.  Because if you ask Lindsey i really can be, I used to tell her depressing stories all the time.  Anyways that's the past.  I make an effort now to be happier, and more easy going; to have a positive outlook.  I think those things help me to have hope.

Bad things happen, and they will continue, but if we can see the future through hope and have faith (yes there's a reason they're always together) then there's no reason to be continually sad, or downtrodden right?  Of Course.

I was thinking of this this past holiday weekend (President's Day woot) because I did not have the best weekend in the world, actually it wasn't the worst weekend but it was not flippin' awesome how I would want it to be. I had that huge paper constantly on my mind among other things that worry/bother me (I get my worrying nature from my mother, but it's only because we care).

And Monday if you couldn't tell I was feeling so blah.  And so as you know I've been listening to Mumford and Sons a lot.  Anyways I was sitting there writing my paper listening to this song, The Cave, right.  And it goes "And I will hold on hoping."  and I thought about President Uchtdorf's talk, and I just felt this little light start to grow in me and it was like "Come on Alicia were you really going to give up hope of everything?  Don't be so dumb, life goes on and yeah it's hard but you know that there's better coming."

It's great.  I love that.  I just felt like I should put that up here to share with you guys.  Maybe you are having a hard time or something, but I just want you to know there's more and things get better you just need to have hope.  Hope will help you to have faith, which is always a good thing to have.

Cheers, love you all!


alirara said...

I've posted the link to the talk just click on the title of the talk in the body of the text.

Shirls said...

Alicia, this is going to be cheesy but I really need that! Thanks for your awesome blog =)

Renny said...

I had a really weird dream this morning, and maybe I'll blog about it too since there is no school today :) You AND Nie blogged about hope and I think I needed it because I have been having a hard time lately, but I always listen to music to remember to have hope too.

For example, mae has this song called Tisbury Lane and one of the lines says, "Please don't give up when it's easy. Don't you know that me and Jesus will cheer you on? He's the only one who will be constantly everything you need." So then I always remember that Jesus is cheering me on, which I just really like to think of it that way. Then I remember that other people are cheering me on too, and then I feel better.

We Shot the Moon "Hope" is another one.

Basically music is awesome and I'm glad there is so much good music in the world so we can totally ignore the bad music.

And I love you.

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