Sunday, February 13, 2011

Some Future Plans

In case you were wondering what I decided to do about my student teaching dilemma.  I will tell you.  Along with some other thinks that may shock and surprise you.

So I decided that I won't be student teaching in the fall.  I'm kind of bummed about it too, but don't cry because I'm really excited about my new plan.

Ready?  Are you doing a drumroll?  

Because you should be.

I'm going to student teach next winter (so I will graduate in April).  And I'm going to be doing my student teaching in West Jordan, in the Jordan school district.

But Alicia, you don't have a car and you live in Provo?  How ever will you be getting to West Jordan on time everyday? 
Well don't worry my dears because I'm breaking out of this tiny place and I will be moving to West Jordan or Salt Lake.  And Jenna's going to come with me.  Provided she doesn't get married or something.  In the event that Jenna gets married I will be looking for a new roommate.

Oh yeah I'm excited for this adventure.  I'm excited to just finally feel like a grown-up.  Though I'm pretty sure I'll really feel like I'm playing dress-up...Sometimes I still feel like I'm 15...or 10.  Depending on the day.  

Haha it's hard to explain.  

But yeah it will be awesome.  And when I realized last night that I wasn't going to have any other friends in West Jordan besides Jenna (don't be offended Jenna geez) I was like "Oh when I move to West Jordan I'm not going to have any friends."  But Matt said he would come visit me if I would let him.  And I said he could, except we probably won't have any furniture.

Yeah I was looking at apartments and then I realized "Oh yeah they don't usually come fully furnished with everything you need, like they do in Provo."  Soooo if you're wanting to get rid of any furniture, like a mattress or fridge...or some other things like that.  It's very likely that I will take them off your hands.  Haha.  No fridge, that's crazy.  I'll have to check on the fridge thing.

This also means that next fall I really only have to take 6 credits, all education classes, all block classes.  Which is awesome because then I can be done with school by Mid-October, but still work on campus and get another job.

Really I'm so excited for this.  

Also Matt has been asking me if I'm going to run the Rex Lee Run with him.  And I was thinking "Man this is a huge commitment.  Once I say yes I can't really go back on it."  But I finally decided that I would do it. I would run the Rex Lee Run.  

If you know me, you know how much I absolutely hate running.  Loathe it really.  So this is kind of a big deal for me.

I've been running at the gym because it's good for me and whatever...And I ran a mile in 9 min 

I run faster every time I go because I get so bored of running.  I don't really mind running if there's a purpose, like I'm playing a sport, or being chased by a cougar, you know the usual.

So even though I hate running, I'm excited to do this 5k (I refuse to do the longer one) because it's for a good cause, and I can put that as one of my goals on my 22 list.

Oh yeah this year is going to be superbly awesome.

Also I got two great side jobs now.  One I am tutoring this girl in high school in physics and another is that I'm helping these kids do their science fair projects.  It's awesome.

Have a splendid Valentine's Day.  I love you all! : D


Renny said...

I feel like you told me 1/8 (maybe even 1/16) of a story yesterday. Which makes me do this: >:{

Only YOU can fix this problem.

Annie said...

Nice blog! :)

Renny said...


Anonymous said...

I love you,too. Love Mom