Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday Dinner: Bringing Families Together

What a marvelous Sunday we had at my Apartment.

Well first of all Shirley and I were twinners.  It's my fault but Shirley didn't mind.  She has the cutest red dress with white polka dots.  So cute.  And as I went to sleep Sat I thought "What should I wear to church tomorrow?"  Hmmm "I shall wear my red dress with my red shirt and my red and white polka dot shoes."  

Well Here comes Sunday morning and I arise, take a shower, and then I see Shirley and she's looking so rad in her red dress.  I said "Shirley I'm going to wear my white dress with my red shirt and my red and white polka dot shoes."  She gave me a huge baby smile.  So I knew she was ok with it. 

So I put on my pajamas and cut my hair.  

It just really needed some trimming and to be thinned out a bit.  I could no longer stand it.  Now it's really cute.  The good thing about cutting your own hair is you end up with a slightly different haircut everytime because you don't really know how to cut hair you just kind of do it until it looks ok.

Then I put on my matchy matchy twinners outfit with Shirley.

Then we went to church, twas swell.  And then we did visiting teaching, got home taught and disrupted the boys in my wards plan for a totally lame closing social. (They just don't want to put effort into planning so they want to just play volleyball...lame).

And the whole while this delicious smell was wafting through our home.  Because, you see, we were having a dinner party that night, and the pork roast was smelling just divine.  I insisted that we did not make pulled pork with the roast because I don't like it.  Usually it's too dry, & too saucey and then it's all messy Not cool pulled pork, totally uncool

So around 4 our home teachers came and around 4:45 they left and we started preparing other things for dinner.  I made mashed potaoes, and gravy from the drippings of the pork (it was the 2nd best gravy ever).  Dayan made Bolivian rice (I don't like rice so you can believe me when I tell you it was wonderful). Shirley poured the apple sauce in a bowl.  Haha jk she did more than that, she also cut up the most wonderful loaf of french bread.  This was perfect bread, it reminded of us the bread in Aladdin.  Kerri brought a deliciouso salad (seriously after she left Allan kept talking about how good the salad was).  

I think my favorite thing was our Apple Streudal Crisps.  But I will let Shirley tell you about those tomorrow when she guest blogs on my blog!!

Now here come the good story.

I invited my cousin Mallory (Yay you made it on my blog) (haha) to partake in this wonderful feast.  She brought her roommate Diana.Dang those girls are awesome, especially Mallory (no offense Diana) because she's part of my family we just can't help being hilarious and awesome.  It's in our blood.  

I'm really happy that Mallory moved here because she lived in Texas and I lived in Arizona we hardly ever got to see eachother growing up (blame it on our parents Mall haha) so now she's here and I get to see her a lot more so it's way fun.  Though probably not as much as I would like because I go to bed at 8 and am lame.
Anyways...right after Mallory and Diana came, Shirley walked in from picking up Allan, her bro (remember I highlighted him for Meet My Friends Wednesday).  Allan brought his friend Nick.  And then I heard (I was in the kitchen)  
"Oh my goodness What are you doing here?!"  "Wow it's you!!"  (or some other cheesy thing like that).

BECAUSE  Diana and Nick are cousins!!!  Isn't that crazy?!  They hadn't seen each other in 10 years!!!  And now they're reunited again in Utah.  It's like a lifetime movie or a tv show.  The show would probably be on TLC.  And come to think of it the movie would probably be on the Hallmark channel because it's too happy of a story for Lifetime.

Think of how awesome it is.  All the little things that had to happen to reunite these cousins.  

It was a cousin party because Kerri came who is my old roomie Kelli's sister.  And Kerri brought her cousin Doug.  So it was a family affair really and it was so awesome.  And delicious.

So Sunday was awesome, good food, great company, and great...something else was great I'm sure.


Renny said...

No guest Shirley blog. :( I've been waiting and waiting for it.

Pulled pork at the PCC is delicious. You will just have to go there and eat it.

It is not dry, and it is not overladen with sauce so that you are uncertain if there is even meat in there.

It's just yummy pork meat that you can eat by itself or with other things, like purple sweet potatoes and guava cake. Put some on a purple sweet Kings roll. Have it with a side of crab.


Great, now I wish I was back in Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for saying that your gravy was the 2nd best gravy ever because we all know who makes the 1st best. I love you! Mom