Friday, February 11, 2011

An Update on My 22 List

So maybe you even forgot that I had this list... but I do and I've been working on it. 

I'm happy to report that picture taking, journal writing, and scripture reading have all been happening daily.  I am currently in Numbers.  So I'm a little behind where I should be but I plan on getting caught up this weekend...don't worry.

Also!  I bought a pack of Tootsie-Pops for 99 cents. 
I was looking at the Tootsie-Pops though and they seem significantly smaller than I remember from my youth.  I thought that this would disqualify them for my goal because you know it's not that big of a deal if you lick a tiny thing to it's center.  But then I was like "Whatev' it's my goal, I'll just lick 2 Tootsie-Pops to the center."  So that's what I did.  

I know you're pretty impressed at my Tootsie-Pop eating skills.  But really, I've been training for thisFor the past few months I have been sucking on every piece of candy I got instead of just instantly devouring it.  Yeah, hold your applause ;).  

Anyways, I need to build an igloo still.  There's a severe lack of snow in the valley.  SOOOooOOO I need to find a way up the canyon to the freezing cold, and snow.  OR I may cheat on that one and just use ice cubes from my freezer and make a little, tiny, baby igloo.  I don't know,  I would like to make a real igloo, But I'd need people to help me and I don't have any warm clothing for the snow.

We'll see. 

Also Shirley and I are planning a trip to Mexico for a couple of days.  I decided I just will pretend I'm a deaf mute the whole time because anytime I try to speak Spanish, well, it's pretty horrible.  

Anyways so things are shaping up nicely! Except the things in red...and that are huge.  Those things I may need to think of a new goal for... I'm not made of money you know.  Although that would be really nice.  Just think if every time I brushed my hair quarters fell out.  Yeah I'd brush my hair a lot more than I do now. 

Um I brush my hair just not all the time.

  1. Go kayaking
  2. LICK a Tootsie Pop to the center (possibly count the licks)
  3. Build a telescope
  4. Design and Make my own article of clothing
  5. I need a new goal here....
  6. Sit in on a session of Congress
  7. Watch the entire (both parts) 7th Harry Potter Movie
  8. Hike Mount Timpanogos (not sure of spelling)
  9. Walk on a Glacier
  10. Do 100 hours of service
  11. Bike some significant distance (like a century that isn't mountain biking)
  12. Visit all the temples in Utah
  13. Read the Holy Bible cover to cover
  14. Build an Igloo
  15. Eat sushi
  16. Take a picture EVERYDAY
  17. Write in my Journal EVERYDAY
  18. Leave the country
  19. Take a backpacking trip
  20. Catch a fish
  21. Surf
  22. ?

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Anonymous said...

Mexico is a dangerous place to go right now. Check with the national travel advisory. You should go to Canada instead. Love, Mom