Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Meet My Friends Wednesday

Ok are you ready to meet my friend Kerri!?  Too bad if you aren't because here she is.
Kerri and I met when her sister and I were roommates our freshman year.  I'm pretty sure she helped Kelli move into our apartment.  But here is a better story:
One night three of us roommates were having a nervous breakdown.  And we decided to just leave Provo and go to North Salt Lake where Kelli (my roommate, Kerri's sister)  is from.  Jenessa and I do not like touching so there was no way all three of us were going to sleep in the same bed.  So Kelli let Jenessa and I share her bed (it was a big bed) and Kelli went and slept with Kerri in her bed.  Good times.  Kelli and Kerri are great friends and sisters.  I'm glad I know them both.  
Kerri decided to write her MMFW survey thing out so enjoy.  She did a good job.  We are very similar.

Oh and I'm at school so I'll have to put the picture of us together up here later. 

Weeell my hometown is the one and only Palatine Illinois. However I was pretty much raised in the great western state of UTAH! where people work together and play together.

My birthday changes every year, this year it is on Sunday. But I was born on the 14th day of the 8th month **** years after Jesus died. (I don't like to include people's birth years...but she wrote it so clever like, so I censored it).

My major is science, more specifically clinical laboratory science. If you are wondering, it is pretty much pathophysiology, diagnosing diseases and such. I would like to go to Physician Assistant school, more commonly known as PA. Or work for non-profit organizations, or not work, you know, since they are non-profit. 

My hair is as natural as they come. It is chestnut brown, naturally. And I usually put it in a braid or bun. Or I just don't do it. 

the color that i choose to be my favorite would be forest green.

i like to eat food that i make, also others make good food. if it comes from the sea i probably like it. if it comes from a coconut and has the title of coconut milk i probably don't. if it grows in the ground and is not called squash then i like it. i love to try new things. and old things are always delicious. spinach salad and pb&jam are my college staples. also thai peanut noodles. yummm. 

movie: i don't watch a lot of movies, but baby mamma is really funny. also i like james dean, but i don't often watch movies multiple times, i like watching ones i haven't seen. 

book: a thousand splendid sons is good. to kill a mockingbird. the Book of Mormon is good. I am reading east of eden and it is good. i think when i read little women i will like it. but i can't choose a favorite. that is like asking a mother to pick her favorite child. not going to happen.

band: mumford and sons. (yay.  Kerri's sister Kelli introduced them to me so this only makes sense) brandi carlile. simon and garfunkel. 

sculpture: mt. rushmore

architecture: bird baths. or are those sculpture? (I'm not sure if they are considered architecture either...)

i would probably go make friends with them, then peacefully solve the conflict (I'm guessing this is her what she would do in the case of a Zombie Velociraptor apocolypse.).

lucretius. he is the one nobody has met yet.(This is the 5th Ninja Turtle that only Kerri knows I decided his color would be pink)

t.v. character I guess someone from little house on the prairie since my family and I PLAY that all the time.

celebrity. justin bieber of course. ha jk jk. maybe a singer, or not.  (he's a bit young for you anyways isn't he Kerri?)

dates. probably i would want to go visit the ice age. i don't remember a lot of historical stuff, so that is all i can think of

anything else: i love big dogs, and other large animals. but i am afraid of small animals. i don't sleep with a pillow. skiing is my favorite sport. i really love alaska. and northern idaho. 
i am the coolest person you could ever meet.

Ah so there you have Kerri.  She is very cool.  

Would you like to be featured on Meet My Friends Wednesday?  Just tell me.  
Are there any questions you think would be better ask my friends?  Just let me know!

Stay tuned next week when I highlight my cousin, MALLORY! 


kewwi said...


I am so glad that all your blog readers know me now!

Thanks Alicia, you are THE BEST!

mattie said...

Love it. Kerri is pretty cool, and we arent even blood related so I don't have to say that.