Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm a 90's Girl

In a 90's world.

You KNOW you were singing the title of this post to the Barbie Girl song.  And if you weren't then I'm sorry you don't know any pop culture references...haha jk...kind of.

Anyways I've been a bit 90's obsessed lately. Sorry friends it's probably annoying that I bring up the 90's every 5 seconds and say everything reminds me of that last great decade.

But seriously the 90's rocked.  Life was so much simpler.  And I could go outside and play, in Phoenix, and I lived on 67th and Thomas which even then was pretty ghetto but if you go there now I'm pretty sure you wouldn't even let your dog outside.  Or maybe I'm making that up because I'm actually terrified of my home city.

What do you expect when my biggest fear is of gangs?!  It's why I can never return to Guatemala where I was born.

SO I wasn't born there but some people believe I was.  Yeah it's funny to me too.

But I'm getting sidetracked again.
Go figure huh...

Anyways, I think I'm thinking of the 90's a lot because I'm remembering how easy it was as a child and how I really have to grow up now because Peter Pan never came to me and took me to Never Land.  So I have to grow up.  Lame.

I mean, I'm really excited to move to Salt Lake area, every time I go there I get really excited and happy.  But at the same time, I have these visions of me starving because I need to pay rent.  And not wanting my friends to come over because my apt will be completely empty because I sold my furniture in order to have money and having to work all night and afternoon and some how fitting in working on my teacher work sample. And not making any friends because I'll only be able to go to church on Sundays and no other ward functions because I'll be working.  And then I will not ever be able to get married because I'll be too busy to think about any of that stuff. I imagine that I will be really thin though

Haha now my mom is all worried about me moving. 

But don't worry I know that moving there is a good idea.  You'll just have to trust me that I am not stupid and just moving there without feeling good about it.  I feel good about moving there.  Really good actually. Really super good.  And I am excited to have my own room because, no offense past roommates, but there comes a time in a girls life where she just needs to be able to have her own room and turn on the lights when ever she wants and shut the door and meditate without being interrupted.

Anyways I'm digressing again.  Or maybe I wasn't I don't know

BUT! I think I'm mostly afraid of teaching because the more time I spend in a classroom teaching the more unprepared I feel.
   I feel like I don't actually know anything, and I get distracted really easily.  But it's so fun.  

Oh dang I have to write a test...

Dang, I hate writing tests.  

Yeah the only part of teaching I like a lot is the actual teaching haha.  Sometimes if I feel inspired I enjoy writing lesson plans or making up projects or labs for the kids to do.

Ok I'm rambling.


Allan said...

what are you from the 90's or something?

Renny said...

You know that song by Mark Wills "19 Somethin'?" I've made up a new chorus for it.

"It was 1990 somethin', in the world that I grew up in.
We'd gather round and watch Carlton dance.
Body suits and stirrup pants.
Lookin' back now I can see me,
oh man did I look cheesy!
But I wouldn't trade those days for nothin' (well some of them I would)
aw it was 1990 somethin'.

Allan said...

Lindsey, what are you from the 90's or something?

Renny said...

Allan, what are YOU from? The 00's?

"Baby Allan, wheee!!!"

kewwi said...

Hello Alirara,

I am from the 90's.
Why are you moving to Salt Lake City, did you graduate?
We got to skype with Kelli Jean yesterday, it was absolutely fantastic.

Good day,