Sunday, May 8, 2011


So there's a primary song about Mother's that gets kind of creepy at the end because it goes into the minor chord and it's like
"Mother I love you I love you I do."  
And if you know the song you know what I'm talking about.  You can just hear these creepy little kids singing that to their mother's and their moms running out of the house in fright. 

So because I love my Momma I will not sing her such a creepy song.  In fact I've been making up a lot of acrostic poems lately so I will make one up about my Mother who is the best mother ever.

You're insanely jealous aren't you?  I know it's hard not to be jealous of my family.


by Alicia M Reynolds

My mother is the best
Offers me praise when I do well
Tells me the truth when I need to shape up
Has a beautiful smile
Everybody is jealous that she's not their mom
Really extremely Awesome

Dear mother I love you.  happy Mother's Day.  Thanks for listening to me be crazy.  You the, all that and a bag of chips.  Word to you (my mother). (remember how I'm a bit 90's obsessed right now? yeah...)  

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Anonymous said...

I love the poem, but did you have to post the worst picture ever of me?:) I love you! Love, Mom