Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunny Days

Chasing the clouds away.

*Disclaimer I wrote this yesterday but I didn't post it until today*

My Momma and Sister left this morning.  I am now sad and the sky started crying for me.

It did stay really sunny while they were here though which is nice!!  Yeaha.  The only time it really rained was Sunday during Church.  Woohoo because we were inside being righteous anyways. ;)

We had so much fun.  We talked a lot and we went to Sammy's to eat, and we went shopping and got the cutest things for the kids.  And we did Karaoke which was mucho fun.  Lindsey and I tried to do Life's a Dance in homage to our childhood but it was really hard to hear the melody.  But it was still fun and we all did The Shoop Shoop Song the Cher version.  Also in honor of growing up and going on road-trips where my family would always listen to three staples: the soundtrack to Mermaids (a movie with Cher, Wynona, and Christina Ricci), They Might Be Giants Flood, and Billy Joel (I think it must have been the best of).  And of course these were all on cassette.

Anyways karaoke was great fun.

And Sunday I took them along the new path that grounds redid because it looks so nice with the little stream and the little waterfalls and the ducklings.  And Sunday we made pot roast in my Crockpot and mom made Blackbean brownies that I was skeptical of at first but they are actually good.  And full of fiber so they're better for you than regular brownies and I decided have a fudgey air to them.  Anyways dinner was really good Sunday.

And Lindsey got up at 5 to drive me to work this morning, such a nice sister.  But the had to leave while I was working and now I'm sad.

Good thing Tyler and Jessica are coming this weekend and I get to see them!

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Renny said...


I miss you :( I was thinking about going to church this Sunday and how you would not be there like you are at Christmas. :(

That is two frowny faces. TWO!