Sunday, May 15, 2011

Journal Entry #1

Ok first read this!  Really I do remember those slippers and they were the most comfortable things ever.

Guess what?  I'm still friends with those guys but we don't hang out anymore.  That's sad.  Except we might soon go hiking.  And do geology because one of them loves geology too!  He told me he might transfer to BYU from UVU to do Geology and that made me happy because I love the Geology Department at BYU!  They are so great.

Today I thought I would put up an old journal post.  It's something one of my best mates Kelli used to do on occasion and I always found it quite amusing.  And I've been keeping a journal since the 2nd grade so I totally have some good entries to share.

Plus everyone always wants to read my journal so  this way you can.  

I won't change any of the spelling and since this is my first time doing this I'll give you my first ever journal entry

"                                                                                                                                                     10/10/96
Hi new Journal (btw the J is written backwards)
you woetent belivev what happenned today.  Well it all stared this morning when I heard the song of Happy Birthday.  It was my mom I asked her If, I had to go to schooll.  She said "Yes, you do.," "What," So I got up got drest aet breakfast and got everything to. gether.  I was the first one reddy.  It was a long walk but we made it  the beganing was not so well I did not get to sit on the koowch or chair.  And after reases I got all the etenchin.  So good bye.
Alicia "

I hope you had fun sounding out those words. And I hope you know that last word 'etenchin' is supposed to be 'attention.'

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