Thursday, May 19, 2011


I remember reading about the great flood in Noah's time.  

It's raining A LOT, or SO MUCH or EXTREME AMOUNTS OF RAIN! I think so for a desert and the annoying part is that Tom said in Portland it's all sunny and nice.  

What the heck Portland!? everyone knows it's supposed to be rainy and miserable there and sunny and nice here.

I just wrote a whole complaint but erased it.

Let me just say the sun better come out soon.

Guess what?!  My Mom and Sister Lindsey are coming tomorrow and I'm very excited (another reason it should start being sunny).  We're going to go to Sammy's, and play Scattegories and go sing Karaoke!

Ugh I just shecked the weather's supossed to rain everyday until next THURSDAY.

I just cannot believe that Utah is a desert if it gets this much precipitation.

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