Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Manure Wind

If you haven't been to a farm you need to go to one because they are flipping awesome.  I mean so great.

I had the opportunity to go to a farm this last weekend and seriously this was the best weekend ever.  And you know I mean that because I went down with two people I didn't know at all and one person I knew really well.  We stayed at the home of someone who had "seriously never seen [me] before this weekend."  (those are his exact words only it should say you instead of me but I think you know how those bracket things work).

Anyways if you know me then you know going to hang out with a bunch of people I really don't know is not something that I usually enjoy and actually makes me quite uncomfortable.  But you guys, this was so fun and I do not regret going at all because now I have 3 new friends, got some great bonding time with my great pal Jenny, and got to spend a fantastic weekend in sunny, warm fantastic weather.

So we went to Enterprise, Utah, home to the largest farm in Utah, and the home of Elder Holland's wife, Sister Holland.  Word.  It's quite a small town and really only Verizon and Sprint get service there.  We stayed at the home of the Holt's who own said farm.  They were so welcoming and awesome I am so grateful for them letting us stay there and eat their food.

Ok when we first got there we went to the dairy and saw all the cows.  Here's a video of some cows.  They live in these air conditioned pens, that are shaded so they don't get all hot and they get fed regularly and they wash away all their poop so they don't have to live in it.  Basically these cows are babied.  

the calf standing!
Then we went and saw the day old cows.  They were so cute.  And Big and some were still wet from being born but they stood up!  Amazing little things and soooo cute.

And then Tanner (he is the son of the farmer who owns the farm) took us on a tour of what they do with the water that washes away the poop from the cows.  We like to call it Poop Water.  Basically it was the grossest tour you could ever take and the smelliest.  But I was still enjoying myself.  I didn't take any pictures of the poop water facilities, I know you're sorely disappointed but if I showed you  everything, than you would have reason to go to the farm!

Then we went and drove a chopper!  It's like Frank from Cars!! Yeah that was super fun and exciting.
Here is Jenny driving Frank
Then we went hunting but I don't want to talk about it because it was a weird experience for me.  But afterwards we put out our empty coke cans and I shot them.  And it was good.  I like shooting just maybe not hunting so much...

Then we went back to Tanner's home to prepare dinner.  Deliciousness.  Burgers and cheesy dutch oven potatoes.  Yummy!  And while dinner cooked we played baseball. I hit a home run, which was actually just a bunt that everyone struggled to get the ball to where I was and I got home but hey a home run is a home run.

Then we ate, then we had a bonfire and roasted mallows and talked around the fire.  Then we went to bed and I was seriously so pooped I fell asleep super fast.  And I slept really well.  And I had the cutest quilt.  It had all these farm animals on different squares and then denim squares in between.  I took a picture of my favorite square.
Haha how'd he get that apple on his head?!
The next morning the boys went hunting while Jenny and I slept in a bit and then played a bit more baseball.  When the boys got back we went horseback riding!!  YAY!! And I crossed that off my list and it was so fun.   But not so scary when you get used to it and so easy too.  I rode a horse named Belle.
Everybody riding the trail.
Then we ate lunch, pork chops and rice a roni (yum), and then we took a tour of Enterprise, and the farm more.  During this tour I got to DRIVE A SEMI-TRUCK.  This actually is harder for me than you think it might be for a few reasons: I am not very fond of driving (probably because I never get to practice), I've never driven stick, I'm always extremely worried about breaking expensive things that don't belong to me because I am very poor, and I mean come on it's a semi.  But I still did it and I almost broke it because I didn't do the clutch and the gas right so the tires spun and then I drove the truck two feet and I could hear that it was time to switch gears and I was like ok I'm done.  And Tanner asked if I wanted to switch gears and I said "Nope I'm good."  SO even though I only drove it 2 feet that's probably more than you've ever driven a semi and so it def counts.

sorry it's sideways but Nathan sliding down the potato mountain.
 Then we went and saw a potato mountain.  Seriously, a mountain of potatoes.  It was huge and awesome!  I love potatoes and guess what their potatoes ship to Phoenix!  That means I've probably tasted their potatoes and I can tell you they are yummy!

Anyways I feel like we did more but This is long.  So the Moral of the story is GO TO A FARM!  It's the best!

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