Friday, May 13, 2011

The Pineapple Doesn't fall Far From the Tree

Because Pineapples don't grow on trees.  Maybe you thought they did but they don't they grow weird and different.  My sister has pictures she can show you from when she went to the DOLE plantation in Hawaii.

Anyways I'm just kind of referencing that phrase because sometimes my mom writes on her blog because she is so angry about politics...basically that's what most of her posts are.  Haha and that's ok because it is something she is very passionate and vocal about.

But good thing that blogger was Out of Order last night because I was very angry, but I know I would have regretted my blog post in the morning.

I was going to name it "Lies Boys Have Told Me: Part Deux" but it would have been dumb.  Because I don't have a story, I just get really mad when I hear about dumb manipulative ways some boys treat girls.

I guess now that I have slept on it and have been working all day and the sun is shining, I will just leave some advice for boys who are thinking that maybe by being dumb and manipulative they are sparing a girls feelings, you're not.  It's better to just be 100% honest for two reasons; people will respect you more, and you won't go to Hell.  

You think I'm joking but I am not.  

People will respect and trust you more if you are 100% honest.  This means even with yourself because when you're honest with yourself than it means you can take responsibility for your actions.

They'll be like well we can trust him for an honest opinion or with this or that.  And they'll say He's a real man, because he knows what's right and what's wrong.

Ugh anyways.  

I have been working so much lately.

I am preparing some classes for the science section of their Stanford test.  I'm doing 6-8th grade.  

Remind me to never teach the 6th grade.

No they're cute little kids, but they talk a lot, and are crazy.  I made them all be quiet and told them all that they are being disrespectful when they talk over each other and interrupt me while I'm talking.  They all were like "Sorry Sorry"

And then promptly resumed what they were doing before I talked to them, which was talking as loud as they could.

I was just like "You guys are so weird."

This one kid came and told me that he received a report that I thought he was the worst kid in the class.  Which is weird because he actually raises his hand and is one of the best and I had not talked to anyone about him.  So he either made it up or somebody at that school hates that little kid.  

And today he told me I've been saying his name wrong the whole time.

Dang.  I had been pronouncing it with a German accent, because it's a German name, but apparently his parents just don't know that.

Oh well.  


Anonymous said...

My political posts are not angry. They are right! Also, remember that boys brains are not mature until age 25, (and sometimes older.)
Also, it depends on each individual group of kids each year to decide which grade is the worst. This year at Jacob's school, the 6th grade is awesom, but the 4th grade is terrible. I will not sub in 5th grade next year.

See you soon! Love, Mom

Renny said...

Pineapple plants are awesome. So are pineapple floats.

I liked that "go to hell" was written much larger than the words next to it. Like you're trying to send someone a message... an intense message with swearing, but a message just the same.

alirara said...

Lindsey I'm glad you caught that go to hell thing. haha