Sunday, May 1, 2011


I wrote this whole great story about an inside joke that my friends and I have but it isn't so funny when you just read it.  And it's not like we won't tell you the story, it's just not so great to read.  So I just want to dedicate this post to my bf and roomie Shirley.  

"Happy Birthday Mike."

"Hey what are you going to do with all that pizza?"

Hahahaha  If you don't get it that's ok, Shirley will read it and laugh.  Also I hope you all watched Kid History.  because it's so hilarious!

"Hey you thtupid kids.  You weirdos.  A light is green!"

Now I hope you all were able to laugh and enjoy the moment.

Ok anyways.  It's Sunday and it started out so sunny and beautiful.  And it seemed that it may even warm up a little.

 And I had such high hopes for the weather in May.  But alas as I type this post I find that my fingers are numb with coldness and the sun is not shining so bright as it once was, but is yet hidden behind a dark cloud from whence it's warm rays cannot pierce through.  Perhaps one day, the sunlight will find it's way to this Narnian world and bring back warmth not only to my poor little fingers and toes but to the air outside and the ground.

Ok so at the end there my paragraph kind of struggled, but I am seriously so freezing I wish that the North American Plate would just move suddenly (and quite out of character) move so that Utah is at the equator.  

Anyways, but church was really good today.  I love going to church and being able to take the sacrament.  And hearing everyone's testimonies and my favorite part is singing the hymns!

I love hymns they are so awesome.  Today we sang "Because I Have Been Given Much" and I just love that song.  It motivates me to want to go out and serve more or all the time.  Because I'm like YEAH I have been given so much I am so blessed, I want to help others find that happiness and love I have found.  Anyways I'm not trying to brag or anything I am just telling you I love it and why.

I hope this has found you all in good spirits.

Cheers ~ Alicia

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