Sunday, May 8, 2011


I also need to write you a poem about my friend Tom, who is my best friend, because today is his birthday.

I told him it's funny that his birthday is on Mother's day because he wouldn't have been born without a mother.  He didn't think it was very clever.  And actually his birthday has been on mother's day before.  

Anyways.  Here is 

An Ode to Thomas: a Haiku
by Alicia M Reynolds

You are my best friend
And will be until the end

Haha that was just a joke one to make him be like "Wow thanks for that.  It was really sweet..." but then he'd be like rolling his eyes or something.  

Here's a real one, another acrostic.

by Alicia M Reynolds

Thomas is my best friend
Has the whitest/straightest teeth
Overshadows my hilarity with his
Makes me smile when I'm feeling blue
Always shares everything with me
Super totally awesome and smart

Dear Thomas, I love you too.  Happy Birthday.  I hope you saw a cow today and thought of a birthday card.  But really thanks for cheering me up.  I think I'll get you some furry pants for your birthday.  

So if you noticed I'm not the best at writing poetry but at least it comes from the heart right?

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