Sunday, March 20, 2011

Check Your Attitude at the Door

Maybe you recognize the title of this post from the DARE song.

If you don't know what DARE is, it's a national program in the US designed to teach kids to stay away from drugs.  Each letter of DARE stands for something.

But I don't know what...except from the song.

D I won't do Drugs
A won't have an Attitude
R I will Respect myself
E I will Educate me now

Anyways...DARE at my school was really lame.  Only one person got a t-shirt.  And they told us how to make Meth.  Which isn't the best way to keep kids from drugs.

But my post isn't about DARE, it's about attitude.  

There's this quote by Mark Twain that is painted on the wall of one of the buildings on BYU's Campus.  I can't remember it exactly but it says something like
"Travel is fatal to all prejudices."

At first you're like oh yeah that's true.  But Then I think "Well wait no.  That's not true.  Travel can aid you you in your journey to lose those prejudices but isn't travel what created those prejudices anyways?"

Seriously think about it.  I'm pretty sure the prejudices he was talking about was racism and thinking you're better than everyone.  Or having misconceptions of what life is like for the people of that culture.  But I'm pretty sure those were started because people traveled and thought they were better than the people who were already there.  

So the point is they had that high and mighty attitude.  And they traveled.  And that just fed their attitude.

You're following me here right?

I'm sure Mr' Twain's quote could be correct if you go to a different place with an attitude of learning and respect.

But it's like that with anything.  You'll get out what you put in.  If you go to a service project hating it and not wanting to be there, you probably won't feel the love of service.  That testimony of service won't grow for you.  But even if you just go with an open mind and find even one thing to be grateful for, try to have a good time, it can help you grow in that respect.

Anyways, I have just been thinking this lately because sometimes I think "No I can't." or things like unto it but obviously I can do anything I put my mind to.  I just need to have the right attitude and trust in the Lord.  Nothing is impossible if we just trust in the Lord and come to him with a willingness to learn, be humbled and to serve.  


I hope you all have an awesome Sunday!


Love, Alicia

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Renny said...

As soon as I saw the title of this post I started singing (in my head), "check your attitude at the door, check your attitude at the door..."

Then I found this:

My life is now complete.