Monday, March 28, 2011

I Love Geology

But not as much as you you see...
But I still love Geology
Always and Forever.

So I went on my very last geology field trip as an undergrad this weekend.  It was a lot of fun.  Though it was really cold, especially when it was snowing. 

But it was still a lot of fun.

I liked it when we stopped and looked at rocks.  Which is all we did. Because it's geology.  Which is the study of Earth, which is made of rocks.

even though the constant getting in and out of the vans was really annoying.  But what can you do?

It's cool to see how much I've learned because you don't really notice how much you've learned until you need to suddenly use all your knowledge.  So I'm glad I am learning things and retaining information.

We got to find dinosaur bones.  Though I'm not sure find is the right word because they were just sticking out of the rocks everywhere.  It's like you walk up to a rock and you're like "I found one, oh here's another one, oh there's some more."  So that was pretty cool. 

We stayed the night in GreenRiver, Utah.  In case you're wondering that's the place we like to call the middle of nowhere.  But it was still pretty awesome.  So I suggest you take a trip to nowhere soon.  

We stayed at the Super 8 motel.  And we ate at Ray's Tavern.  Which is really pricey, but I guess they can do that because they're the only good place to eat in town.  Well, so I have been told.  From my experience it seems to have been true, but the only other thing I ate was the Motel's Continental Breakfast.

The danishes tasted like lard.  They weren't so tasty... unless you like lard tasting things.

The tavern was pretty cool, and the service was quick, but not with a smile so you take what you can get.  Plus they have free pool which provided a show for us to watch during dinner.  Because some people are really good at pool and some people are really mediocre at pool. 

Also you can see the stars a lot better in nowhere than in Provo.  It was great.  I didn't see any shooting stars though.  But both Matt and Ernesto did.  Except Ernesto wasted his because he didn't wish on it.  Oh well.  It was cool to see all them stars.  

But I'm sad about not going on anymore geology field trips because they're a lot of fun.

have I made it clear how fun they are?  A Lot.

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Renny said...

"Why'd you break it down when I'm not in the mood?"

I made my favorite Mumford and Sons song my Chanson de Semaine this week. I thought that would make you happy.

(that line is not from a Mumford and Sons song. Don't worry, I wasn't trying to trick you with it.)

Alicia, you rock!

Ahahaha. Get it?