Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Haha!  You thought I was angry but I'm not, that's the name of the restaurant that Mallory and I went to eat at on Friday night.

So would you like to hear the wonderous adventure we had?  Of course you would, because you continue to read...

Well it all starts like this around 20ish years ago Mallory was born...and then 20ish years later she moved to Provo where I am living.  And now we can have awesome adventures.

We are so excited.  And so we went out to eat, and my  Aunt Ellen, known as Mum to Mallory, paid for us to eat.  That is awesome!  Thanks Aunt Ellen, We did delight in the food we partook of.

Now here's what went down...

Mallory came and picked me up around a time in the evening.  I think around 6 because I was watching Gilmore Girls.  And we went to her apt to make some future plans.  And then she was like "I'm hungry, are you hungry?"  and I was like "Not really... I ate a steak like 2 hours ago."
"A steak?"
"Yes my friend gave me a steak because I've been wanting one for a long time."  (This is actually a good story I should tell y'all later)

Anyways, it was decided that we should go eat at some sit down restaurant.  Because we're fancy people duh..

Anyways, first we wanted to go to Chili's.  So we drove there and guess what it's Friday night in a town where the sole purpose of most of the residents is to get married.  Needless to say, it was packed and people would stop at nothing to get a seat, including cutting in front of us in the line to the hostest stand.
We figured there would be three types of people in the restaurant: People on Dates, People out with Families, and People like Us. (except technically I guess we're family but I think we meant people who are friends and don't have babies).

And then we added another group: People who came alone...sad.

We were right, those were the people there.  Mostly people on dates and families though.

Well we didn't even make it to the hostest stand because Mallory was like "Man I'm starving, I don't want to wait this long for food."  So we left and decided to go to Macaroni Grill instead. 

While we were driving over there, driving nest to us was a ginormous truck.  I think Mallory and I were dancing to music...possibly I was dancing and she was driving safely.  Anyways the kid in this truck (I mean kid) who was driving kept looking at me and Mall.  And he and his friend were trying to get our attention.  Well it worked because I turned to Mallory and said "What is he? Like 12?  Why is he driving?"  She agreed that he was just a baby.  Weird anyways.

When we got to Macaroni Grill it seemed more promising because there was no huge mob of people in the doorway.  But when we asked the hostest the wait for two people, she said "45 min...Would you like to wait?"  I look at Mallory and she was like "No we'll leave"  She was starving.

So we're driving around the Shops at Riverwood's looking for a place to eat.  Mallory sees a Subway.  "Let's eat there."

So then we drive around the same parking lot 3 times trying to get into a parking spot.  So many people were pulling in and out and then others don't know how to park so well and they take up too much room...but we did it finally.

Subway was the emptiest restaurant in town, I promise you. But we did not go there.

First we walked around, looking for other places.  We saw some pretty dang fancy places.  But we weren't in such a fancy mood.

Then we went into this cool toy/candy store: Blickenstaff's ?  I think that's what it's called.  Anyways they had jaw breakers the size of baseballs, and a ginormous teddy bear that I would seriously love to sleep with every night, and these fun-house mirrors.  Mallory and I saw what we would look like if we were literally all leg and what we would look like if we were little people.  It was awesome.  It reminds me of the hilarious scene from the credits of Brother Bear.

You know that scene I can never tell people about without laughing hysterically because it's so funny I fell out of my chair in the theatre when I saw it the first time, I was laughing so hard.  Look it up, so funny.

Then we saw the Provo Beach Resort and really wanted to go there and go surfing.

And finally Mallory was like "Ok Chinese or sliders?"
"Well I've never really had either so you can choose."

And that's how we ended up at SHOOTS.  It was really good.  I got Tangerine Chicken and dang that was some good stuff.  Mall got General Tso's.

haha So when we walk in I saw this guy who was a waiter and I was like "I hope he's our waiter."  And guess what HE WAS!  He was really nice, plus he totally was into Mallory.  Some body at another table got some dish that was really steamy and I said "Dang that's steamy." right after our waiter left and mallory said "Which one?"  get it?  Haha I have such good comedic timing even when I'm not trying and Mallory is quick with her wit.  We make a good comedy team.

Anyways one last thing.  We got fortune cookies and Malls said her sports team is going to do really well and mine said I would attend an unusual party and meet an important person.

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Renny said...

I laughed out loud really hard at the Brother Bear reference just imagining that scene. So funny.

I also think it's funny that you guys thought about settling on Subway after talking about going to a nice fancy sit down restaurant since you're fancy people.

And when you used the word ginormous I thought of this scene from Pushing Daisies when Emerson Cod says, "we are giant, enormous idiots, and don't you even SAY ginormous because that isn't a word!"

If you know Emerson Cod's voice (or if you've seen that show) you'll understand how funny that is.

Also sometimes I like to go places alone because if you can't enjoy things by yourself you can't enjoy them with other people. I love to take myself out to dinner and a movie, so don't be sad for the people that are all by themselves.