Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Meet My Friend Bekah!

 Hey guys.  Meet My Friend Bekah!!  I met Bekah, well her name is Rebekah actually but I have always called her Bekah I think.  Anyways we met when we were in the same ward two years ago.  She was the Relief Society pres and she was my Visiting Teacher!  She is the best.  I'm super glad that we got to know eachother.  

When we first met Bekah was just starting to date her now husband so I got to hear their story piece by piece and it was awesome everytime she would come I would ask her about her Boy.  And I loved to hear the stories she would have to tell.  Anyways Bekah is flipping awesome.  You guys are so lucky you get to meet her.

Oh and also you know I love Bekah tons because when I first got my Polaroid Camera I was really picky with who I would take pictures of and I took a picture of her and Parker (her hubby).

Hometown: Dallas, Oregon
Birthday: August 24, 19-- (turns out like a million bad things have happened this the huge volcano Vesuvius errupted on this day, Pete Rose was convicted on this day, mountain climbers fell to their death on this day, and on and on)  The Universe had bad things happen to balance out the awesomeness of Bekah being born.
Major: I studied International Relations at BYU, graduated and now I am going to law school in the fall...either at BYU or the U, I haven't decided yet. I haven't either because on the one hand I'll be in Provo in the fall but on the other I moving to Salt Lake in the I can see why the choice is hard
Hair: Dirty blond...that is what I always grew up calling it...Parker (my husband thinks that is naughty, so he calls it light brown)

Favorites: I am not sure what Favorites mean exactly, I LOOOOVE anything pumpkin flavored...lately I have been in a real dark chocolate streak, I like to run a lot...I am doing a half marathon in April. Alicia Reynolds...I like her a lot in that plantonic former visiting teachee kind of way, just know you were always one of my favorite people in the friend kind of way. so haha Favorites is just the title of this section, but I like that you filled this out because these are things I should ask people, also sorry you love running and I hate it...

Color: Blue, but I LOVE color...I truly do. this is true I can verify she does love color.
Food: Like I said anything pumpkin, but I also love Lasagna...I could eat my weight in the stuff.
Movie: Hard one...I love old movies like It's a Wonderful Life, Charade etc...pretty much anything with Jimmy Stuart, Gregory Peck, or Carry Grant :-):-) 
Book: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper it. Changed my life forever. Hence becoming a lawyer. 
Band: Vampire Weekend LOVE them...except they have three songs with naughty don't listen to those, but the rest are amazing. I liked Vampire Weekend before they were cool, and that is why now that they are cool, I feel reasonable about continuing my infatuation with them.  I'm glad you don't dislike them now that they are super famous that is one of my pet peeves.  "Oh I liked them and then they became famous so now I don't like them because I like to be original and for no other reason and so now I'm going to listen to lame music that sucks because I know that will never make it."  Dumb ... Sorry I'm so passionate about this
Sculpture: There is this statue of Venus...who as you know is the goddess of love...only it's not the one you are thinking of, it is stout shortish kind of rotund figure, but it always makes me smile, because I think no one today would think that figure was a goddess of any sort let alone the goddess of love. I guess it always reminds me that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover and that we are all made different for a good stinkin' reason.
Architecture: I like Sagrada Familia. It's a cathedral in's sort of trippy, and it's been in construction for like a million side of it always makes me think it is melting just by how they make the stone look at stuff...Anyway, it's kind of cool.

Other Random Questions

What would you do if you woke up from a coma to find the world in a zombie/velociraptor apocalypse?
Goodness...I suppose if you can't beat them...join them right?

Which Ninja Turtle would you be? Michaelangelo...i like Nunchakus. well you do have all those awesome nunchakus skills

What TV character would you like to be? Probably, someone from LOST, but someone who lives...there are precious few of those.

If you could date any celebrity it would be... yikes, one who is really nice to people and not that into himself, can you find one like that? maybe when they first become famous...

If you could visit any 2 historical dates they would be... I would probably want to visit during the forming of the LDS church, and I would probably want to visit during the women's suffrage movement.

Anything Else?? No ma'am...only that for this privilege of being featured on your blog, I will consider naming my first child (girl or boy) after you...if I ever have that first child :-)

:-)And so there you have it, you have met my beautiful friend Bekah!  And if she does name her child after me that would be freaking awesome.  But it is definately not required...unless I become really egotistical.  But that could be a far ways off....

If you would like to be featured on MMFW lemme know.  Also if you have any questions you think would be good to ask, tell me them.


Bekah said...

Thanks pal! This makes me feel super special. I love that you highlight people on your blog. I always look forward to Wednesday because of it!!!!

Renny said...

I feel like she is me.

You know, if my life had turned out the way I wanted.

Is she alternate universe me?

Madalynn said...

Alicia I want to do this. Because I'm so young and fresh.

A Cuban In London said...

You have a wacky space, with an incredible vibe.

By the way, nice to meet you, (Re)Bekah! :-)

Greetings from London.