Friday, March 11, 2011

Je Déteste Courir!!

I hate to run!!

That's the translation if you didn't know.  It's also what pops into my mind every time I hear the word run, or see someone running, or think about running and well you get the picture right.

Mostly I hate it because it's painful.  No you're wrong.  I know what you're thinking "well you have to build up to it" or something similar every time I tell people that. But it's not my muscles, my muscles are like "Whatevs, this is boring."  But my lungs like to not fill with air when I run.  

They're like "Ah why is she breathing so deep?!! No not air ugh why NOOOOOO"  I'm not sure why my lungs hate to have air in them, that's what they were made to be filled with.  But when I run I feel like there's a big fat elephant sitting on  my chest and I have to concentrate really hard to get air in there.  Weird.

Also Running can be boring.  Good thing I have Cecelia to keep me company, she will play me songs of wonderful delight and I will dance and sing while I run...well not sing because the whole air thing but I lip sync.

But aside from those things I do actually like running a baby bit.  I like the feeling I get after running.  I'm all hopped up on those endorphins (or those happy little guys that come out when you exercise to make you feel all happy and accomplished).  I like that I can be a total goofball when I run because I already know I look funny when I run so why not dance and sing?  Who really cares right?

My face gets beet red, My hair starts to curl (sweat...yeah).  I'm wearing my totally awesome sweat band.  And I run to the beat of my music, because that's how I do things, to rhythm.  

Yeah it's good.

I suppose that is one reason I'm doing a 5k in the morning.  Though I'm pretty sure I can't run 3.1 miles straight and I'm super scared to do such a thing.  But it's like whatevs, I'll tell my friends they don't have to run with me because I'm slow and dance while I run.

I guess I can run 2 miles pretty ok...what's one more.1 right??? 

Yep your prayers would be appreciated!!


Anonymous said...

I am cheering for you! And, it is your grandmother's birthday tomorrow, so win one for the gipper! (Gipper is now your grandmother's nickname.)
Love, Mom

Renny said...

Gipper is NOT Grandma's nickname mom, that is weird.

Maybe you have sports induced asthma. Maybe running is Satan's sport. Those are two possibilities.

How'd you do? Did you die?