Thursday, March 3, 2011

Marching Bands

Well first of all, I tutor this girl in physics.  She's 15 and she's super smart and awesome.  She also records music.  She gave me one of her cd's that she just recorded.  IT'S TOTALLY AWESOME!!  She's really so talented.  And she wrote all the songs on the cd.  Except one which is a cover of "Put Your Records On" by Corrine Bailey Raye.  I'm very proud of her.

Anyways I just wanted to write about some musics I like in this post. 

I was listening to this song by Brad Paisley today; Online.  It's so funny.  But also there's a marching band in it and I just love the sound of a marching band.  They make me super happy.  Really, what would a football game be like without the band?  Not as fun that's fo sure!

Also I have been thinking lately that there's more to music than a guitar.  And don't get me wrong I love the guitar and I give props to those who can play.  But I love the different sounds bands utilize in their music.  For instance you already know I love the banjo, but I also adore the mandolin, the violin (fiddle), cello, tamborine and whatever makes a good sound that's interesting.  Something that adds texture to the music, I guess.  Harmonica, can't forget that beauty.

Man you guys.  I feel so blessed that we have music.  It makes me happy.  Really. Really happy.  I feel blessed that I know so many talented people that can create beautiful music for me to listen to.  Like My brother Tyler, actually my whole family is talented at music so I am very lucky, well blessed because I don't necessarily believe in luck.  Plus I have friends from high school, Lori and my old roomie Kelli Jean (<---this is a link to Kelli's Youtube page).  And now Hunter.  I feel so happy that these people share their awesome talent with me and others. 

Yeah, It's AWESOME

Moral of the story: make your friends share your talents with you because it's the best.

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Madalynn said...

Wow. Kelli is awesome :D