Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Very Little To Say

I have been pondering how I have grown since I was young lately.

When I was young I hardly ever talked to people I didn't know.  This wasn't just "Stranger Danger" but a complete fear of anyone who wasn't in my immediate family or a very close friend.  It could take weeks for me to warm up to someone and find something to even say to them.    

"How are you?"
"Good. You?"
"I'm good"
"Good"  .... crickets chirp... I awkwardly look around trying to think of something to say.  And then hopefully some one else would come up, or the person would leave or I would have to leave.
"Well see ya later."

I've had so many conversations like that it would be impossible to count.  

I had never really seen it as a bad thing, I still don't really.  But I guess when you don't have good conversation skills people can think you don't like them or something.  I promise you it's just because I am not a talker.

I think it runs in my family, from my Dad's side.  One day I was watching a thing about the Dust Bowl on the History Channel so I called my Daddy to ask him what his grandma said about living during the DustBowl

"Well she said it was dusty."
"That's it?"

I bet he was embellishing the story a little.  

Anyways.  Now a days I kind of force myself to talk to people and look them in the eyes.  Um I really don't like looking people in the eyes because I'm not really sure when you should break eye contact and when continued eye-looking into is creepy rather than comfortable.
After re-reading this post I want to clarify that I'm super grateful for the friendships I have made and When I say I force myself to talk to people it's not because I don't want to talk to someone it's just because I always felt weird talking to people I don't know because I don't know why.  Why is a shy person shy?  Why does a cow say moo?  These are pressing questions that are the focus of my current research....

Haha anyways, now I have conversations with people and things however funny they may be.  All I can be is me though I don't know any other way to be.  Well except Valley Girl I'm really good at being a Valley Girl  (That's like saying I'm not good at a lot of things.) (Fifty points if you know where that joke is from)

I think I'm getting sidetracked. I don't like to fill things with fluff.  But I do like things to be funny.

That's why I'm putting my twitter updates on my blog.  (I had to get Twitter for a class...weird I know).  Because when funny things happen sometimes I think of really funny one-liners that could fit in 140 characters or less and I'd like to share them with you.  

I do not expect you to read them as I update.  Gosh that would be annoying for you.  But maybe if you're feeling blue and need a pick-me up you can read a funny tweet, and it'll cheer you up.

I had this excellent idea whilst on my way to work yesterday.  I walk there and leave my house around 4:15am.  About 30 sec after leaving I saw a 60yr old man just out for a stroll.  Only it wasn't really a stroll, it was way more creepy because he was in a trench coat and he wasn't smiling and even though he was walking slowly he was walking with a purpose that seemed ominous.  Like the kind of walk a serial killer would have in a movie as he just walks after his running, screaming, panicked, victims.  

And I thought.

"There's something really terrifying about a 60 year old man out for a walk at 4 in the morning."  

Which may seem scary a few min after you read it but I think at first glance and out of context it's funny.  I'm sure the man is really nice don't get me wrong, but at 4 in the morning when you are a 22 yr old girl everybody outside seems terrifying and every sound is a zombie.


Renny said...

I won't say where that quote is from because I hate when people just type the answer and then nobody else that knows it can type it either.

So I'll just say, "man I'm really good at checkers!"

Also I have a story to tell you. Later.

Bekah said...

This whole post makes me smile. You are so funny. I just love reading your blog...also, I think I may like to be featured on your Wednesday blog post sometime :-)...mostly just because I will like to read the under comments you make about me, and the whole thing will make me smile...and I like to smile, a lot.