Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green Eyes

Ah so I have green eyes.  Actually I love my eyes, even though they are huge and there are only two types of contacts that will cover my corneas.  But I think my eyes are nice, the actual ball part of my eye, and the color.

Anyways last year almost a year and half I guess, I dyed my hair dark brown which ends up looking black.  I loved it because it made my eyes really stand out.  And I really wanted to dye my hair again this year for St. Patrick's Day...but even though the dye is only $4 I deemed it an unnecessary expense.  

Sometime's I really hate how practical I am.  Like I'm too practical to be a true romantic.  Like wouldn't it be so great if the guy of my dreams (Zach Morris...too bad he's not real) rode up on a motorcycle and then I just hop on the back and we drive off into the sunset to California where we will live until we move to New York or Boston or Georgia?

Sure that's what the romantic side of me thinks and then the practical side of me punches the romantic side in the face 
And because my romantic side is weak she just walks away all-armsy with her head hanging.  

All-Arms is a thing that my friend Jenny and I made up.  You know how people say "Wow she's all leg."  When a girl has really long legs?  Well what if she had really long arms, like drag on the floor long?  She'd be all-arms.  You imitate this by bending over quite dejected like.  

Imagine Carpet in Aladdin when Abu starts yelling at him when Carpet gives Abu his hat back.


Anyways, now you realize how extremely crazy I am.  

Well if you hadn't realized it already, I'm sorry you're unobservant...


Anonymous said...

I thought of Shyanne when she gets upset, she is all arms! Also, you can be practical and romantic. If you jumped on Zach Morris' motorcycle, I certainly hope you would stop at the temple before you left town! I love you! Mom

Renny said...

I love all songs that are about girls with green eyes.

Coldplay's song.

Pete Yorn's song.

Other songs.

What if someone was all toe?

Shirls said...

well your toes already touch the ground...