Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rex Lee Run

So I guess you're wondering how the 5k went.  Maybe you thought I died because I didn't post anything.

Surprisingly I did not die I didn't even kind of die actually.  All I can say is trust in the Lord with all your heart because with him anything is possible.  That's how I feel about this 5k business.

Because trust me I tried to run today and I was like "no way I hate this", and then I couldn't believe that I actually ran for 3.1 miles on Sat.  Probably I'm just all run out or maybe it's the running in a huge mob of people that motivates me, but mostly I think I did well because I asked God to help me not die and to do ok.

Anyways, it was good.  I finished in 34 minutes exactly I think.  I tried to get across the finish before then but I didn't so I'm glad with that though, a little over 10 minutes a mile, haha good enough for me, though it wouldn't have been good enough in Jr High.  The miles then had to be done in 10 minutes.  Which I thouhgt strange because in high school we got 12 minutes... anyways.  Matt pointed out my time may be skewed because I didn't cross the start line right when they started the race.

Funny story.  I was supposed to meet Matt at the race because Jenny and Shirley were going too so I thought I would just go up there with them and then meet Matt there.  But then we didn't leave until way late and Matt was like "well I'm not going to  have my phone with me anymore so meet me by the bleachers."  But when we did finally get there I noticed that the bleachers were quite large.  how would I ever find him among this large crowd and such large bleachers?  And then they started the National Anthem and I can't be walking around when that's going and the colors are being presented.  It's just kind of disrespectful ya know.  And then pretty much the race started and I didn't know where anyone was!  Not Jenny not Shirley and especially not Matthew.  So I was just standing there thinking "Well I guess now I don't have to worry about dieing in front of my friends, and I could just go to the end of this mob and start there so I'm at the end.  Or I could just go home... No I paid."  I get up on this curb to try to see my friends in the crowd of people "Dang why don't I have outrageously tall friends.  Or outrageous looking friends.  They would be easier to spot."  But then I heard some people calling my name from behind me and it was Jenny and Shirley.

"We thought we lost you!  Where's Matt?"
"I don't know."  SO then Shirley decided we should call his name so she did, but I didn't because I just don't shout very well or loud I think it's from my quiet home I grew up in.  I don't know how to be that really loud person all the time.  Even in big crowds.  Not to say that I've never been loud, but those are moments that are few and I don't really plan them they just kind of happen...Anyways.  So the race starts and we were like walking because there were so many people you know.

Anyways race goes on.  I RUN the entire thing without a breaksie or anything.  And I finish and after I cross the finish line I tell Shirley I feel bad that we didn't find Matthew and that I realized like halfway through the race that we should have been yelling buddy anyways.  And then I look up and there's Buddy and he's literally right next to Shirley but I still have to say his name at least a billion times to get him to notice us.

Haha isn't that funny? anyways.... I guess it's not that funny but it was to me.

Then he had to leave, and so we three girls ate some of the delicious food they had like Great harvest bread and oranges.

The end.


Allan said...

Julia, did you guys have wristband things or ankleband things? or did they give you something that you had to wear on some part of your body? Well usually, that starts you time once you cross the start line and stops your time once you finish it. Does that make sense? usually they do that for big races because it is impossible to have everyone start at the same time. When I ran the REX LEE RUN the gun went off and we stood there for like a minute haha

Allan said...

*stops when you cross the finish line

alirara said...

We did but I don't know where to go to see my time. We had a little chip we put on our shoe. An ankle band? I would have pretended I was fleeing from prison.

jill said...


I think that this should help you. =)

Shirls said...

That comment by Jill was actually me.

alirara said...

how did that happen?